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Thank you for your interest in my research.

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Fisheries Science at Oregon State University working with Dr. Selina Heppell. My research interests broadly encompass the trophic dynamics, movement ecology, and growth dynamics of marine vertebrates. I am particularly interested in identifying drivers of life history variation and their influence on species vital rates and population dynamics, especially in species of high conservation or management concern. Much of my research centers on the development and application of geochemical tools (isotopes, trace elements) to sequentially deposited animal tissues (bone, teeth) to reconstruct animal ecology over annual to decadal time scales. A further aim of my research is to maximize the information gleaned from dead stranded marine organisms, including those from both modern and historical collections. Much of my current research centers on the study of sea turtle humerus bones, which contain annual records of body size, age, growth, diet, and habitat use.